Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Big D's First Tooth

When your kids are babies you get excited when they get their first tooth. When they are around five or six, however, you get excited when they lose their first tooth. Big D lost his first tooth today. It was slightly loose this morning and he played with it so much that it was out before dinner. There is a pretty deep hole there, which makes us think he really helped that tooth along.

Miss M also just lost a tooth yesterday. But hers had been loose since the weekend and she wasn’t playing with it too much. I was actually threatening to take it out for her because she was complaining about it so much. Her tooth was also much bigger – it was a molar – and the new one was already growing in its place. I find it kind of funny that my kids are four years apart and losing teeth together. We’ve definitely been keeping the Tooth Fairy busy around here!

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