Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Labor Day Three Weeks Late! :)

Labor Day for the Reddy Zoo means heading out to our grandparent’s lake house. But first we had some things to take care of, meaning sports! Big D and C had their first soccer game and it was a lot of fun to watch. The whole team did really well and didn’t even let the other team score! The Final score was 1-0. I had my first volleyball game that night as well and lucky for us it was at the same place. All in all I think we did alright. The other team had very good teamwork though, so we ended up not winning any of the three games. But we all had fun anyway!

The boys were so anxious to get out to the country that they caught a ride with their cousins. The rest of us just waited until morning. All our bags we packed so all we had to do was load up into the car as soon as we woke up. Upon our arrival we found out that the first activity of the Labor Day Regatta had already begun - the Walk/Run. We weren’t too disappointed. The boys were really the only ones interested anyway. After we had a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausage the run/walkers returned with prizes! For every activity that you participate in you have a chance to win a ribbon for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. The family and/or cabin with the most ribbons at the end get to put their name on a big stone for everyone to see. That has been us for two years in a row now! The next activities in the regatta are the sandcastle and sand sculpture building contests. Those are closely followed by kayaking, paddle boat, sail boat, swimming, and rafting races, plus a water balloon toss! During all that our family hosts a hole in one golfing contest, to see who can hit it closest to the flag. We all had so much fun in the sand sculpture contest building a flip flop, a digital clock, a bumble bee, and so many others. How did we fare in the swimming races? Almost everyone who swam got a ribbon! Of course after this we are all very tired, but the fun has only just begun because then there is church on the hill and a big party! We all celebrate mass together and then have a Bar-B-Q and dancing. Everyone had a blast doing the Cha-Cha Slide and the Cotton-Eyed-Joe! We also participated in a Hula-Hoop contest but none of us won anything except Banana. She won a black eye from getting hit with a Hula-Hoop! Everyone was pooped after all of that, but it’s the country so of course we stayed up until about 11:30 playing games! Another thing people like to do out at the country is fish, but not MiMi, KK, and Me. We went with Grandma to look at some of the houses that were having open houses. We just think it’s cool to see other people’s cabins, but for Grandma this just means DECORATING IDEAS!!! All the houses were very cute, but when it was all over we decided that our cabin was still the best! Dinner that night was pork steaks. YUM! After we were all stuffed we loaded up into the car to head home and say good-bye to the country house for awhile Monday morning we woke up in our own beds.(That we had to make right away because Mom was in one of those cleaning moods.) Yay for us, right?! So we cleaned and cleaned until we were all really hungry. Mom and Dad took everyone out to Macaroni Grill for Mom’s birthday a day early! We had so much fun over the Labor Day weekend and we hope you had a good one too!

Miss M :)

Dad's Fish

Big C and cousin El playing in the sand

Mr. H havin' fun in the lake

Playing cards with cousins while waiting for the Bar-B-Q

Banana, Mr. C, and El getting comfy in the recliner

The Run/Walkers!


Little Cousins are so cute! :)

Lunch on the beach