Friday, September 27, 2013

Will it Work?

I miss posting to this blog. It was such a great way to journal what was happening in our family and share with family and friends. It was more than I could keep up with when we started our adventures in homeschooling. But what a wonderful way to document our adventures!

So I'd like to give this another try. I found an app for my phone that's supposed to make posting a breeze. This is my test post. Will it work?  I guess we'll see how it goes.....


Here is a picture of our youngest. He's four months old and just as happy as a baby could be. We'll call him G-man here, since we have changed the names to protect the innocent. The rest of the Zoo just loves him. They can't wait to hold him, push him in the stroller, even pick out his clothes!  He is a joy and a blessing to our family. Haven't met him yet?  Give us a call and see when he's available.