Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Boy and his Dog, Part 2

The G-man is on the move. But only a little bit. He's not quite crawling, but still able to get around to get to what he wants to play with. The world is his playground - literally. It is so fun to watch him play, moving from one toy to the next just checking it all out.  He is interested in everything, and his face lights up when he sees something else to play with. 

One of his favorite "things" to play with is the dog. And she's so good with him that it's adorably sweet to see them together.

Our sweet dog, Penny, will be staying at the doggy hotel this weekend while our family goes on a trip to Galena, IL for some skiing. And maybe a little swimming. And definitely a whole lot of eating. That is, IF we survive the 6-hour drive with all 8 of us in the car. Wish us luck!!