Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adventure Time Girl Scout Camp!

Hey everybody it’s Miss M! It’s my summer project this year to take over the blog for awhile. I just got back from Girl Scout Camp. It was a lot of fun! I went with my two cousins and one of my friends. It was nothing like we expected, though. It was a very go, go, go camp.
We were on the Ropes Courses almost the whole day! The first courses that we did were the easier ones. Like the one where all seventeen of us had to stand with at least one foot on a 3 foot by 3 foot square box for the time it took us to sing the ABC’s. Then there was a log across to large trees about 7 feet in the air that we had to climb over with the help of the rest of the girls. After that we went to the more advanced courses. First we had to get helmets on and get harnessed up, then walked out to the course. The first thing we did was climb up a pirate’s mast rope ladder, then walked on a tight rope, climbed up a little higher, walked on another rope ladder between two trees, climbed up a little more and then zip-lined down to the ground. All while being almost 30 feet in the air!
 My friends and I were not used to this type of camping. They called it the backpacking style because we learned how to survive in the woods with as little as possible.  For instance, we didn’t use our water bottles out on the courses. They gave us fold-over sandwich bags and showed us how to drink from them.  We cooked all of our own food and we didn’t really use our mess kits. They let us use our cup and spoon but nothing else, not even our forks! They gave us a bowl but we still had to eat salad with a SPOON! Some of the food looked pretty gross while we were cooking it though, especially the bag of eggs that we put in boiling water and squished with tongs. EWW!
Here are some pictures from our Adventure Time! We had a lot of fun!

Me at Adventure Time!

This was our camp site

The Bowl I was talking about and my cup

My Bed for two nights

From left to right-  My Cousin MiMi, My Friend  Ria and My Cousin KK

The first night it rained really hard so we all had to sleep in the shelter

Me on the log course

KK on the log course

MiMi was the last one so she only got help from the people already on the log!

Blindfolded pool games

More Blindfolded pool games

KK on the Tire course

Ria on Tire course

MiMi on Tire course

Me on the Tire course