Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Names have been Changed to Protect the Innocent

It has been over a year since I started blogging on reddyzoo.com. The blog was created in order to serve dual purposes; to journal our family’s experiences and to update friends and family members of our activities. I didn’t really expect anyone outside of our family or small circle of friends to even read it. Up to now the blog has been doing a wonderful job serving both of its original purposes, if I do say so myself.

I’m not na├»ve…I know that the internet is a very public thing, but people would really have to be looking for my little site to find it. But since I have decided to make cakes for people outside of my friends and family, I thought the blog was a good way to operate that business. Now this blog serves another purpose, which will potentially involve more than just friends and family. I have begun circulating a business card which directs them to this site if they are interested in ordering a cake from me. If a friend of a friend of a friend gets one of those cards, suddenly total strangers are visiting my site!

In addition, throughout the past several months I have been questioned by some concerned friends and family members. “Don’t you worry about using your kids’ real names on the internet? There are some pretty crazy people out there, you know.” Well, I do know. And I have been thinking about that for a while now and decided that it might be better if I used nicknames for my kids instead. It took me a while to make all of the changes, but it has been done. Some would say that if a “crazy” person wants to find you, then having nicknames on your blog ain’t gonna stop ‘em. But keeping their real names off of the internet is a simple way to protect my kids, so I’m all for it. I hope you will still enjoy reading about them: Miss M, Big D, C.B. and Banana.

**Addendum: I love getting comments on my site. I only ask that you will also refrain from using the kids’ names when commenting. Thanks!


Ron said...

My wife used to make cakes for friends. Well, I guess they were cakes. She called them "turd tarts." they were chocolate on chocolate and shaped like piles of ... poop. Then she put plastic flies on it and little pieces of toilet paper. They were HUGE hits with those who wanted to burn their friends on the major birthdays. You might give it a try. Beats the crap out of a real job... get it... oh, i so crack me up...

BTW, thanks for visiting my site. I love lurking on yours!

Ron said...

PS... I am so dying of a bad cold! I'll blog it when I'm done ... maybe even post a picture! You'll see! :)

Dana said...

Ha! Just when you think you're only writing for a few people does the audience seem to change.
Always use precautions with the Web: my biggest is not to post any routines.