Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Trip to the Zoo

By Miss M

My class went to the Zoo on Wednesday. We saw all kinds of animals. My favorite one was the
Okapi. It looked like an all black Giraffe with black and white knee socks on. My cousins and I are all in the 3rd grade class. I have pictures of them and some of my friends. It was suppose to rain that day, but it did not start until we got on the bus to go back to school. I took a lot of pictures and so did my friends. I did not go into the butterfly wing of the Insectarium, so two of my friends took great pictures for me. Click here for all of my Zoo pictures.


Michael said...

Great Job Miss M on your post and the excellent photography!

Mo said...

That looks like a great trip! I went to the zoo last week with one of my classes too. I love the description of the okapi!