Thursday, April 05, 2007

They’re getting so BIG!

I have been using "gold stars" as a means of rewarding good behavior at our house lately. It might sound a little old fashioned, but the boys seem to respond to it. We put the stars on them - on their clothes, nose, etc. - so that their good behavior is visible. C.B. got one this morning because he stayed dry overnight. We always get excited when the boys don't wet their Pull-Ups overnight. Those things are expensive, you know! But this was even more exciting. We had unknowingly let our Pull-Ups supply run out, and C.B. went to bed in his underwear. I was sure that I would be doing a load of his sheets this morning. But I was pleasantly surprised when he told us with a big smile that he stayed dry all night. Needless to say, C.B. got a star this morning.
Big D got himself a star this morning too. When Dad asked him what he wanted for breakfast he said, “I already had breakfast” and pointed to the empty cereal bowl in the sink. Not only had Big D fixed himself a bowl of cereal and milk, he had put the bowl and spoon in the sink. And there was no mess to indicate that a five-year-old had been unsupervised in the kitchen at all. This responsible action added to the fact that Big D lost a tooth yesterday equals a BIG boy!

I do enjoy these kinds of “big boy” behaviors, but sometimes I wish they wouldn’t grow up so fast.

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