Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dream Drenched

Remember when I was so excited about C.B. staying dry through the night without a Pull-up? And remember how that all came about because I forgot to buy Pull-ups at the store? Well, I forgot again the next day. (Gimmie a break…it was Holy Week and I was at church 4 out of 5 nights last week.) Anyway, that night both C.B. and Big D went to bed without Pull-ups. Both boys stayed dry. And again the next night. And even the next. I was more than just excited at that point. I thought maybe the Pull-ups were like a safety net, so to speak. It seemed as if having a Pull-up on made it OK to wet your pants, and they no longer had that security. In any case, the thought of not having to buy Pull-ups anymore was very appealing.

That all changed on Monday, however, when Big D wet his bed. Of course I stripped the bed and washed his sheets right away so they were ready for the next night. Unfortunately I had to repeat that whole process on Tuesday as well. There was good news and bad news on Wednesday. The good news: I got a break from the laundry that morning. The bad news: I got to clean up the floor in the boys’ room instead. It seems one of them tried to get up and go potty in the night, but didn’t even make it out of the room. This morning BOTH the boys’ beds were wet, BOTH beds were stripped, and my dreams of not buying Pull-ups anymore were destroyed. And now I say with the passion of Inigo Montoya, “Don't bother me with laundry. After four days, at last my children’s beds will be dry. There will be Pull-ups tonight!"

"Don't bother me with trifles, after twenty years at last my father's soul will be at peace.
There will be blood tonight!" from The Princess Bride

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