Thursday, July 31, 2008

Taking it Easy

I haven’t been doing much this week. I’m taking it easy in between weeks of actually getting things done. I was on a cleaning rampage last week, and next week I plan to get everything ready for the kids to start school. I already have all of the school supplies together - the notebooks, folders, scissors and glue. But we still need backpacks, shoes that will last at least the first half of the school year, and we’ll throw in some new socks and underwear for good measure. I could handle the notebooks on my own, but for these other things I will need to have the kids with me. This detail makes the shopping trip vastly more difficult, or at least more time-consuming.

And speaking of school, I have decided to register the Banana for preschool. It’s actually a pre-preschool for 2 and 3-year-olds. It’s only one day a week for 2 hours. The other kids all did it, but I hesitated signing her up for some reason. Lately, though, she’s been showing an interest in school, and she was very excited about participating in Vacation Bible School last month. And this morning I learned that she can identify several letters of the alphabet. I tested her again and again to make sure it wasn’t just an accident. I have to say I was thrilled to find out that yet another one of my children is brilliant.

We plan to spend the week before school starts out at the country house. My husband's parents have a house in an A-frame community about an hour from our house. It’s just far enough away to feel like a vacation from the ordinary. We’ll be there from Tuesday until Saturday; again, taking it easy between busy weeks. I am really looking forward to a nice relaxing week before the chaos of the school year sets in. It should make the summer complete.

We’re leaving tomorrow for our second camping trip of the season. To our delight there is no rain in the forecast. To our dismay there will most likely be a heat advisory in effect. Thank goodness we will be near water and our camper is equipped with air conditioning. I’m not sure we’d be going otherwise. And if you are in the St. Louis area this weekend, be sure to stay cool.

Take it easy! I know I am.

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