Monday, July 14, 2008

The Zoo goes to the Zoo

We took a trip to the Zoo this morning, although we didn’t stay long enough to do everything the kids wanted to do. We were able to see the new dinosaur exhibit called Dinoroarus. We got there early so we could get in free of charge, which is the only way I would go see it again. It was OK, but probably not worth paying for everyone to get in. We did get a picture with a T-Rex and a chance to dig for fossils.

After the dinos we saw the bears, and some of us went to see Penguin and Puffin Coast. This was as close as C.B. would get to the penguins.

We spent a good deal of time in the Jungle of the Apes. Big D had a long talk with an Orangutan.

Our last stop was Big Cat Country, but we made sure we saw the new baby giraffe on the way there.

We were told that there will be five tiger cubs on display in August, so we are hoping to go back next month. The kids are probably going to hold me to it, too. They didn’t get to ride the train today so, of course, I promised we'd do it next time.

Many thanks to Grandma for heading out with us today. There are more zoo pics on Flickr.


sltbee69 said...

The Zoo is one of mine and G's favorite excursions to take. Have you thought about purchasing a family membership? It's well worth the cost IMHO, especially for the Children's Zoo, Insectarium, parking, discounts, etc.

Zookeeper said...

My mom has a grandparent membership for my kids to enjoy the benefits (Thanks, Grandma!). I love parking and visiting the Children’s Zoo for free. However, things like the carousel, 3-D rides and Dinoroarus cost money even with a membership. I readily admit to being a cheapskate, but I also feel like there is plenty to do and see at the Zoo without spending that extra money.

Hi! I'm Kim said...

Man, I haven't been to the zoo in ages. Maddy just went and talked about the baby giraffe. Too cute!