Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I need to apologize. I have been completely preoccupied lately. It’s a preoccupation that’s bordering on obsession. I am under the delusion that I am actually going to be ready for this child to arrive. You know…the house will be spotless, every article of clothing will be washed and put away, all the light bulbs will shine bright, the paint will be touched-up, and everything will be in order for my family to function effortlessly while I spend five days in the hospital. I actually have a list going to achieve these lofty goals. (I also have a second list going for my husband to help me achieve them.) Yes, I know I am crazy.

Besides the organizational and housekeeping things, I have a mental list of other things I would like to accomplish before the baby comes. These are things that I fear I will not be able to do again for a long time to come. Things like going out for lunch with my girlfriends, having a nice, relaxing dinner with my husband, going to a movie or a happy hour, etc. This list is almost complete. Unfortunately we can’t seem to find a movie that’s worth the cost of the tickets, not to mention the distress of sitting in one place for more than an hour during the ninth month of pregnancy.

It would seem that my first list is pretty well balanced by the second. While there are plenty of things on that first list that I feel I need to do around the house, the second list offers plenty of relaxing possibilities. So if I take some time out from the housework to have lunch with my girlfriends, the work doesn’t seem so bad. See? It’s all about balance.

I do realize that life is not going to stop when the baby arrives. I know that the house will get messy and the clothes will get dirty and I will need to do all of these things on my list again. And again. But maybe I can put off doing them for just a little longer if they are done really well in advance. Or maybe I am just looking for a place to focus my nervous energy now that I only have about a week of pregnancy left. Either way, I should have a nice, clean house and a couple of completed checklists come Wednesday, April 9. Beyond that, anything is possible.


A Buns Life said...

Personally I think that there will ALWAYS be housework and if you can take some time for yourself this last week you better do it!!! Just make sure you are stocked up on food and that the laundry is done. The rest will be there and it doesn't really matter anyways. :) (this coming from a woman who was on her hands and knees cleaning the bathroom floors and toilets while I was in labor just to get one more thing checked off the list.)

Andrea said...

You're getting so close!

Take it easy right now. I remember being so tired at that point in my own pregnancy and a little R&R now may help you when the baby comes and you'll be sleep deprived.

A Buns Life said...

Take the time to enjoy this last weekend.....it's supposed to be a nice one finally!

Zookeeper said...

I don't usually work on the weekends anyway. Thanks for the advice!