Monday, April 21, 2008

Isn't it Romantic?

ro•mance (rō mans′, rō′mans′)

1. a long medieval narrative in verse or prose, orig. written in one of the Romance dialects, about the adventures of knights and other chivalric heroes

2. a fictitious tale of wonderful and extraordinary events, characterized by a nonrealistic and idealizing use of the imagination

3. a type of novel in which the emphasis is on love, adventure, etc.

4. the type of literature comprising such stories

5. excitement, love, and adventure of the kind found in such literature; romantic quality or spirit

6. the tendency to derive great pleasure from romantic adventures; romantic sentiment

7. an exaggeration or fabrication that has no real substance

8. a love affair

9. MUSIC a short, lyrical, usually sentimental piece, suggesting a love song


Lately I have been thinking about the true meaning of romance. Perhaps it’s because of the lack of what is traditionally believed to be romance in my life since the baby was born. For example, I spent nearly a week in the hospital while my husband spent the nights at home with our other kids. In addition, he picked up some kind of horrible infection the day before the baby and I came home. The doctor told him to try to stay away from all of us for a while. It has taken him almost a week to feel better. Is any of this sounding romantic at all so far? I didn't think so.

I started wondering how this lack of “romance” might affect my relationship with my husband. And then I realized that things have been far more romantic than I thought. I realized that romance has surfaced in our lives in more unconventional ways. And I think that I have come up with my own definitions for romance that don’t necessarily encompass what the dictionary states in the entries above.

ro•mance (rō mans′, rō′mans′)

1. When your husband leaves his wife and infant son at the hospital to take care of his older kids at home, when he would much rather stay and gaze on the new baby’s perfect little face.

2. When your husband tries his best to calm your nerves when you call him at 5:30 am after the doctor informs you that your new baby needs to stay a couple of days in the Special Care Nursery at the hospital. And after said phone call he secures child care for the older kids to be with you and the baby for the next 24+ hours.

3. When you can see the pain in your husbands eyes at the thought of not being able to hold his new son because of a severely contagious infection he has acquired. This is on top of the physical pain he is experiencing with his illness.

4. When you look at your new baby and see the living reminder of a husband and wife’s love for one another, regardless of how “romantic” your relationship has recently been.

I don’t think these definitions will make into the dictionary anytime soon. But that doesn’t make them any less true or significant. So, in case you were wondering, Honey...whether you know it or not, you have been sweeping me off my feet these last couple of weeks. You romantic devil, you!


A Buns Life said...

I'm sorry things have been so rough!! Hopefully everything will calm down soon and you can get back into a sense of new normal....

I'm totally with you on your definition of romance. Do the dishes and clean up around the house, heck let me sleep in a little bit and that goes A LOT further than flowers I'm allergic to and chocolate that will go straight to my hiney.

Andrea said...

I like your definitions better. They show more compassion.