Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Almost Here

The title of this post describes both myself and the baby in my belly. Yes, he/she is really almost here. The C-section is scheduled for tomorrow morning and we will finally get to meet our new little one. But I also feel “almost here” as my preoccupation with getting ready for baby continues. My lists are nearly all complete and my bag is nearly all packed, but there are still a few last minute things to do today. Nothing major, but enough to keep my mind busy. Trust me…that is a good thing.

Every time I start thinking about tomorrow I get a little emotional. I have even been tearing up at the sight of tiny babies. I think there is this part of me that still has a hard time believing that this is really happening. We had given up believing a long time ago. We finally convinced ourselves that our family was complete. And then the baby we had stopped dreaming of arrived on the scene.

I went through most of the pregnancy in disbelief, often anticipating problems that thankfully didn’t arise. It took until the ultrasound over halfway through the pregnancy for me to truly accept that we were going to have another baby. Then it became more comfortable and even enjoyable. Until we got a little closer and I started freaking out about all the preparations. Now I am past freaking out. If it isn’t done, it isn’t going to get done, and that’s OK. I have even crossed things off my list simply because I decided they didn’t actually need to get finished, not because I finished them. Tomorrow is going to come whether I am ready or not.

And speaking of tomorrow, we are hoping to be able to upload and post pictures on the blog from the hospital room. We have heard rumors of wi-fi in the building. Stay glued to your computer screen tomorrow afternoon!!


A Buns Life said...

I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow!!! Can't wait to see pics of the little peanut!

Michael said...

Good luck tomorrow!! You and the entire 'Zoo' will be in my thoughts!

Rose said...

INDEED! Enjoy the experience. We look forward to meeting that little miracle.

Andrea said...

Congratulations in advance! I hope things are going well right about now!