Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today (So Far)

7:15 Kissed my school-aged kids goodbye. Got the Banana out of bed, fixed her a bowl of cereal and sat down to feed the baby.

7:30 Miss M called from school. She forgot her glasses and was worried about how she’d make it through the day without them. I told her I would have to see how things went this morning before I knew whether or not I could load everyone in the car to bring her the glasses.

8:00 The guy to patch the drywall by our new non-leaking skylight arrived. There have been a variety of guys in and out of our house for over a week while the skylights were being replaced. Today was the drywall repair specialist.

8:30 C.B. finally woke up and came downstairs. I decided to get everyone ready to drop off the glasses at school. I put together the Spring picture orders and wrote a quick than-you note to a school mom to drop off while I was there as well. I felt so efficient! I also decided that we should run an errand or two and maybe even visit grandma while we were out. I mean, it’s such an ordeal to get everyone ready and into the car that we might as well make the most of it.

8:45 While everyone was getting dressed, the man to spray the outside of our house for bugs showed up. I had forgotten all about him. Good thing we were still home when he arrived!

9:30 We were finally ready to load up into the car.

9:45 Dropped off a dish from a friend who made us dinner last week.

9:55 Arrived at school where the secretary, principal and other moms did some ooh-ing and aah-ing over the baby.

10:05 Put a large stack of baby announcements in the mail

10:10 Recycled our plastic grocery bags

10:20 Arrived at grandma and grandpas house. By this time C.B. looked exhausted, which was strange since he had only recently gotten up, the little sleepyhead. I felt his forehead, which prompted me to take his temperature. It turned out that he had a fever. He promptly fell asleep on grandma’s couch. The Banana sat at the counter and ate Goldfish crackers for about 20 minutes.

After running around outside for a short time, the Banana came in to announce that she was poopy. I changed her diaper and decided to change Mr. H while I was in a groove. He was also poopy.

11:00 Since it had been over three hours since he last ate, I fed Mr. H. Unfortunately he fell asleep right away so he didn’t get much in him.

Being the cool kid that he is, Mr. H can poop in his sleep. And, boy, did he! So I changed another poopy diaper and decided that it was time to get the Banana home for some lunch and a nap.

11:30 We got everyone loaded up again to go back home. C.B. looked terrible. I told him to hang in there and we’d get him some medicine at home and he could curl up on the couch.

11:45 Mr. H was wide awake by the time we got home and was still hungry. I really wanted to get the Banana her lunch so she could get off to bed. We walked in the door and I gave C.B. some Tylenol. He had a look in his eye that told me to get him to the bathroom. We just made it in time for him to throw up in the toilet. Meanwhile, Mr. H is crying in his car seat and the Banana brings me some Go-Gurt into the bathroom to open for her.

12:00 I was able to get C.B. settled on the couch, I made the Banana a sandwich and sat down to nurse the baby when…

12:15 The doorbell rang. I thought it might be the drywall guy because he had some more work to finish up. But it turned out it was a tree trimmer who thought our tree needed some help. I politely declined.

12:30 Got Banana to bed, and finished feeding the baby…finally.

1:00 Having a nice quiet lunch all by myself while everyone else in the house snoozes peacefully. I need to enjoy this while it lasts!

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