Friday, March 14, 2008


It’s time for an update. The snow pictures are no longer current, since the snow has melted and temperatures have been close to 70º this week. So here’s just a sampling of the things that have been happening here since our big snow day last week.

We got in a quick (really quick) visit with some cousins from Atlanta that we haven’t seen in years. We stopped in to see them on our way home from Disney World when Miss M was two years old. We were actually invited to do the same thing next year when we take all the kids to Disney. I’m guessing they remember how many kids that is. Thanks, Mary Kay and Brian!

Miss M had her last basketball game of the season over the weekend. According to Coach Dad, she is quite a little ball player. He raved about her after every game. All the girls on the team learned a lot this season and they had a great year overall. We had a team celebration at CiCi’s Pizza after the game. However, we were surprised with a baby shower when we got there. The girls and their parents brought presents, a cake, decorations and balloons. I was overwhelmed by their generosity. And what a surprise!

C.B. celebrated his FIFTH birthday on Tuesday. He woke up early and started talking excitedly about being five. He’s not usually so chipper in the morning. We invited some of his preschool friends and cousins to play at McDonald’s and have lunch with us. He had so much fun that he actually admitted to needing a rest time on the way home. He was in a great mood all day, even graciously answering birthday phone calls from Aunts and Grandmas. Our big five-year-old went to bed with no problem that night.

I am leaving this afternoon with seven other moms for the Hearts at Home Conference in Normal, IL. Each year I come back refreshed, renewed and rededicated to being a better mom. If I ever needed that kind of help, it’s right now. I have been snapping at my kids like never before. I am blaming my conduct on the pregnancy, but I’m guessing that a day and a half away from home at a convention geared toward motherhood will still be beneficial.

Have a great weekend!


A Buns Life said...

So how are you feeling?? Are you ready?

Zookeeper said...

I am physically ready. I don't know about mentally. I still feel like there's lots to be done to get ready - as if I'll never be able to clean or do laundry again. Unfortunately, I'll still be doing all those wonderful things. Thanks for asking!

A Buns Life said...

Well, keep us posted!! Can't wait for the update and of course the pictures!! I hope everything goes smoothly.