Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Zoo's Got Talent

Our school held a Talent Show yesterday. Two of my kids and five of my nieces and nephews took part in it. It was so much fun to watch that I went a little overboard taking pictures. Big D’s class won first prize for their performance of "Granny at the Fair".

Miss M’s class did a wonderful job as well. They did a song and dance that the students themselves helped to choreograph.

She thinks the Kindergarteners won out over the Fourth Grade “because they’re cuter.” She may very well be right.

My fourth grade niece took second prize for her piano performance. She didn’t even use music. I was very impressed.

I was also impressed that my first grade nephew had the courage to perform in front of the entire school. He also played the piano. When he messed up a little during his first song, he gave the audience a very sincere look and asked, “Can I start again?” It was darling!

I am very proud of all the kids, and truly enjoyed yesterday’s show. Here’s the whole set if you care to browse.

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Ron said...

I love school plays and musicals. Such purity and innocence. Thanks for sharing all of that.

Yes, I'm feeling somewhat better. Thanks for asking. I don't recommend pneumonia! I spoke at church tonight for 45 minutes and my lungs feel like hamburger meat! Hope you and yours are well!