Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Belly

After much deliberation, I decided to post a couple of pictures of “The Belly” (as my husband calls it) for my out of town friends and family.

I wore a stretchy t-shirt so you could get the full effect. And, yes…I DO have two more months to go.

I also took a short video of some of the action that happens within “The Belly”. This kid really gets into his/her exercise routines. Uncle Dave would be proud.

I got the results of my glucose test today. All levels are normal. I am currently baking cookies.


Lisa said...

Yeay for good test results.

And you are one of those skinny prego peeps, aren't cha? Am so envious right now.

The belly looks adoreable!

A Buns Life said...

You look great! I love the belly movements. The guys in my office would freak out when they could see my shirt moving, it was the office entertainment. :)

slackermommy said...

You look fantastic! That video rocks. I wish I had thought to do that. Watching it took me back to what it felt like. So cool.

No Minimom said...

Cute baby bump!!