Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What is going on around here?

A lot is going on around here actually. This week has been busy; slightly busier than usual even. On Monday I got to go and have lunch with my mom while the boys were at their numbers class and Banana napped at home with Grampa (thank you, Dad!) That night we went to our other Grandma and Grandpa’s house to have dinner with Uncle Dan. It’s his last week home before he heads back to his military life and deployment to Iraq. After dinner the boys and I attended a “Sports Night” sponsored by the Early Childhood program in our school district. Another typically busy Monday.

Tuesday was laundry day. And, boy, did I do it. Laundry, that is. Lots of it. So much that when Big D was finished stuffing all of his clean clothes into his drawer, he had to beat it closed afterwards. I’m thinking it might be time to get the boys a bigger dresser. Last night was my monthly Sunday School Teachers “Meeting”. I put the word meeting in quotation marks because it’s really just an excuse for the teachers to get together on a social basis every now and then. Some people play Bunco – we hang out at the neighborhood bar and grill. Yes…we really are Sunday School teachers.

Today is Wednesday (for some reason I have to keep reminding myself of this fact). I went with Big D’s class to a field trip this morning, I will attend Miss M’s Brownie meeting this afternoon, and the Christian rock band I sing with will be performing at a church youth group event this evening. I plan to be home by 9:00 to watch LOST and fall promptly into bed.

Tomorrow isn’t looking any less busy. I will help a group of moms from school create baskets for an auction at our school’s annual picnic in the morning. I will be decorating a Harry Potter birthday cake in the afternoon, and I will be delivering said cake that evening. In between all of that I will have to get C.B. to school, pick up Miss M and C.B. from school, and get Miss M to choir practice. To top it all off, Dad has a meeting for softball coaches as soon as I return from my cake run. And I almost forgot…my car is in at the dealer for service so I will be driving my sister-in-law’s minivan all day (thanks, Terri!)

My energy level and spirits are remaining high despite all of this craziness. Do you want to know why??? It’s because I am taking the weekend off, and I am really looking forward to it. This weekend is the Hearts at Home National Conference. I will be leaving Friday afternoon for Normal, IL and not returning home until late Saturday night. This will be my fourth year attending the conference. Five other moms (three sisters-in-law and two friends) are going as well. I am looking forward to visiting with the other ladies, to being grown-ups with each other for about 30 straight hours, and to learning more about my chosen profession – motherhood. I always come back from the conference with renewed energy and motivation, all of which is just about gone by the time the next conference rolls around. I’m ready for this weekend. I need this weekend.

Hope you have the weekend you need too.

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