Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bath Night

My children love bath time. I should say the three youngest love bath time. Miss M can’t stand bath time. She takes showers now, and they aren’t nearly as much fun as baths. We usually let Banana go into the tub before the boys. She has gotten to where she will sit and play with the toys and even pour a cup of water over her head. (She’s usually sorry afterwards, but she does it anyway.) She cries when we take her out and struggles to get back in. After she gets out and dried off, she usually goes back into the bathroom while the boys are having their bath. She used to lean over and dip her hand in the water. Then she graduated to throwing things into the tub. First the hand towel we keep on the sink went in. Then the candle we keep on the side of the tub. One day she went and got the alarm clock off of the nightstand and tossed that in. Guess what went in next?

SHE DID!! The boys were surprised when she dove in, but not nearly as surprised as Banana herself was. She was not hurt, but she was spitting and sputtering up a storm. As luck would have it she was fully clothed – soaked to the bone, shoes and all. We wound up just putting her in with the boys after that, which is all she really wanted in the first place.

Click here for more bath time fun. Don’t worry…it’s clean (pun intended!)

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