Monday, January 05, 2009

A Pictorial Review

In trying to write my first post since the beginning of November I decided to look through my pictures for inspiration. Although I didn’t have my camera with me for all of the events of the past two months, these are some of the highlights.

Thanksgiving was at our house again this year. We were joined by relatives from both IN-town and OUT-of-town. The dinner spread was quite impressive.

We put up our Christmas tree the week after Thanksgiving. The tree was on its thirteenth year of service to our family and we decided this was to be its last Christmas. The kids still enjoyed hanging our ever-growing collection of ornaments on its branches.

Banana was worn out after only a few ornaments.

While Mr. H played in the box that we use to store the decorations.

My grandma came from Texas for a long visit. I love that my kids are able to spend time with their great-grandmother. We had so much fun celebrating Christmas with her a little early.

We went caroling at a local nursing home with the Reddy family.

And this year there were a few special performances added to the usual lineup.

Mr. H and his baby cousin wore matching outfits to the caroling event.

The kids made a wonderful gingerbread house with their cousins.

I made chocolate covered pretzels for gifts this year.

We also made six different kinds of cookies. I wish I had gotten a picture of those. We had some especially delicious varieties this year. In fact, we gave some to our mailman who wrote us a thank you note saying they were the best cookies he’s ever eaten!

Mr. H learned to crawl about a week before Christmas. Now that he’s on the move, he really keeps us hoppin’!

Christmas Eve was spent with the whole Reddy family. Even Uncle Dan was there this year! Grandma and Grandpa made each of the grandkids a t-shirt with their number on it - in the order that they were born into the family. That’s 21 t-shirts!

Christmas morning is always an adventure here.

Mr. H was pretty sleepy and didn’t quite know what to do.

The aftermath was awesome.

We spent the rest of the day eating and playing at Gramma and Grampa’s house.

Grandma and Grandpa Reddy took the whole family to Pump It Up to play again this year. What a fabulous gift for everyone!!

We spent New Years Eve with friends. It was lots of fun. We ate too much and stayed up way past our bedtime.

Which brings us up to date. Holiday vacation is over and it’s back to reality. Resolutions are in place and my list of things I’d like to do in 2009 is growing. Thank goodness I have all year to work on it!

Happy New Year!!


A Buns Life said...

Great update! It was nice to hear from you again. :)

Kim said...

Good to have you back! The pictures are wonderful!