Friday, January 09, 2009

Down in the Cabbage Patch

I grew up in the 80’s. I had a typical childhood, similar to other people my age who grew up in the Midwest. In fact, those e-mails that come around saying, “You know you grew up in the 80‘s if…” are usually a pretty accurate representation of my childhood. However, I never owned a Cabbage Patch Kid. I honestly can’t remember if it was because I truly didn’t want one, or if my parents just didn’t get me one. Either way, I don’t stay awake at night feeling like something was missing in my childhood because of it.

The reason I am bringing up Cabbage Patch Kids is because I recently discovered one living in our house. He shows up mostly at mealtime, but we have caught glimpses of him at other times too. He has the same big, round eyes and sweet, puffy cheeks as the 1980’s models…

…but we think our Cabbage Patch Kid is more adorable than any of those plastic faced dollies in the store.

And this one doesn’t have some guy’s name sewn onto his butt.


Kim said...

OMG! That is the most adorable thing!

Grandma R said...

Cutest Cabbage Patch doll I've ever seen!