Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A New Hairdo

Not for me this time. This time it’s all about C.B. and his hair. He has never had an opinion about his hair, which is why this whole thing has been so funny. Over the weekend Big D got his head shaved. We do that quite a bit during the hotter months because it’s cool and easy, and his hair type is just perfect for a shaved head. He also looks great with his summer haircut.

Dad uses a #1 guard on the electric shaver for Big D’s head so there’s a bit of fuzz left. However, he usually uses a #2 or #3 on C.B. because his hair type isn’t like his brother’s. So Dad was hesitant to comply when C.B. asked to have his head shaved just like Big D’s. But he figured that it was just hair and it would grow back so he left the #1 on the shaver and started buzzing away.

C.B asked to see his hair halfway through the shaving process. He had hair on one side and not the other. He thought it looked a little like a mohawk, and he liked that. I believe “Awesome!” was his exact response. He asked Dad if he really could have a mohawk. Dad thought it might be fun for a day or two, but not for school. C.B. agreed, and so he became Mr. T for the weekend.

And he LOVED it. He asked us all day long if it was still sticking up. He continually checked his reflection in the television to make sure it was just right. He didn’t want people to touch it, even though it was impossible for people to resist touching it. He even put hair stuff in it to help it stand up (remember…he’s four.) It was both cute and funny.

But when school day came Dad got out the shaver again. I was very sad to see it go because of how much C.B. liked his new hairdo. However, he was still surprisingly agreeable about the whole thing. Assuming the #1 guard was still on, Dad started buzzing down the center of C.B.’s head. He realized immediately that there was NO GUARD on the shaver and that C.B. now had a reverse mohawk!! There was nothing left to do but continue shaving the rest of his little head with no guard. Mr. T turned into Kojak in about 3.5 minutes.

Give that boy a lollipop!

C.B. seems to be a little more willing to let people touch this new hairdo. In fact, he told the kids at school that his head felt like sandpaper and invited each of them to touch it. It wasn’t even Show & Tell day!

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Darling boys!