Saturday, May 19, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have a bad relationship with May. Fortunately, May is not a person; it’s a month of the year. A very BUSY month of the year. There is simply too much written on the current page of our calendar, and I am starting to resent the whole month. I realize it probably isn’t fair to hold it against May like that. After all, the flowers are gorgeous, the weather is nice, and let’s not forget Mother’s Day!

This week was way too busy for me to even blog about. One of the highlights, though, was Big D’s “graduation” from preschool on Friday. We told him he’s officially a Kindergartener now that he has completed preschool. So this morning he got Banana out of her crib (remember, he’s five and the side of her crib goes up over his head). His dad and I were glad nobody was hurt, but we reminded him that we’ve never allowed him to get his sister out of bed. He said, “It’s OK. I’m in Kindergarten now so I am tall enough to get her out of the crib.”

Miss M finally had her first softball game this week. After two rain-outs, the team was able to play in their first big game. This is the first year that the girls pitch to each other instead of the coaches pitching to them. It sounds exciting, but so far it’s been pretty slow. The number of walks in an inning has increased dramatically, and when a girl actually gets a hit the crowd goes wild. I thought it was fun to watch, but then again, I just enjoy watching my kids having fun.

This week C.B.’s preschool teacher gave me a picture that she took of C.B. earlier in the school year. The first thing that struck me is how much hair he had in the picture (since he has none right now). The next thing I noticed is that he wasn’t wearing his usual cheesy grin, or even this face. I think this is one the nicest pictures I have of C.B.

The Banana has been trying to use more real words lately. There’s still a lot I don’t understand, however, and we are both getting frustrated about it. We started working with her on using sign language about six months ago, but there are many more words she needs to know in order to communicate with us besides “milk”, “please” and “play”. She is actually saying the words “cheese” and “thank you” and, of course “mommy” and “daddy”. It won’t be long before she’s talking, and once she starts, I expect she won’t stop!!

I’m gearing up for another beautiful, yet BUSY, weekend. Sunday is so jam-packed with activities that the whole family will surely be in a fun-filled frenzy. I am looking forward to relaxing Monday. (Is that possible?)

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