Monday, January 22, 2007

Mondays are the Pits Anyway...

...but to make matters worse, Banana woke up with a fever this morning. She was not her usual talkative morning self either. She just lay there limp on my shoulder when I got her out of bed. Thankfully I made Miss M’s lunch last night so she was all ready to go. I was able to just sit and hold her as long as she wanted. When I actually did have to get up and move about the house, I made her a little spot on the floor for her to lay down and look at Sesame Street on TV. She raised her head a couple of times, but didn’t really make any attempt to get up. In fact, she dozed off soon after I laid her down. Poor baby.

Our snowman had almost as bad a morning as Banana. He had a little accident overnight – “He’s fallen and he can’t get up!” And I'm not sure when he will be getting up since he weighs a ton!! We may just have to wait for him to melt off the front porch.

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Ron said...

you want to freak your kids out? stand the snowman up again while they are asleep and put him right by their bedroom window. I did that to my kids once and they never slept another ... wait ... nevermind. do not do this! :)