Friday, January 05, 2007

January Thaw

We've only been hit with one significant snowfall so far, and that was last month. Even though the snow has been gone for weeks we nevertheless seem to be experiencing a phenomenon known as "January Thaw". While the record high for January is 77º (set back in 1950), the average is 38º. Well it's only the fifth day of the month and we've already hit 51º with expected highs next week reaching 56º. It's confusing enough for us human beings to have such a shift in the weather; imagine what the plants are going through! The daffodils in our front yard are already breaking through the ground.
Poor little things! I hope they make it until Spring.

I also noticed that I have some blooms in my garage of all places. In the Fall I brought in the two gerbera daisy pots that were on the front porch all summer. I cut off the leaves and stems and brought them into the garage when it got too cold for flowers. They seem to like the warmer temperatures, as well as the safe haven the garage has given them from the wind and cold rain.

As nice as Spring flowers sound right now, I'd really like for the kids to have one more snow day from school before the warmer temps are here to stay. But you know what they say about our weather..."If you don't like the weather in St. Louis, just wait 15 minutes!"

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