Saturday, April 15, 2006

What a Weekend!

Between coloring eggs, washing the cars and baking Easter goodies, we had quite a weekend...and it's not even Easter yet!

On Friday night we colored eggs and made one of two cakes we would be consuming on Easter Sunday. It was also the third night in a row that the kids were up WAY past their bedtime!

Thankfully, Dad is always in charge of egg-dying.

On Saturday Dad and the kids washed the cars in the driveway while I baked yet another cake for Easter.

C.B. is the same size as the tires on Big Blue!

Also on Saturday, the grand-daughter of our next-door neighbors came over to play, and so did our cousin. We finally got the kitchen cleaned up after all the baking was finished, the kids all had baths and we actually got them to bed pretty close to a normal bedtime. we're all ready for the Easter Bunny!

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