Thursday, April 20, 2006

Trash to Treasure

Big D's class talked about recycling in preschool today. We brought in a giant bag of aluminum cans which his teacher will bring to the recycing center. She is going to use the money from recycling the cans to buy something for the classroom, and the kids will get to decide what to buy.

In addition, the kids used empty boxes (most of which would have been thrown in the trash) to make robots. They turned out really cool. Big D's robot is almost as tall as he is and he even wears a cape! Big D said he turned "trash to treasure."

I think it's wonderful that young children are learning about recycling, and I hope they are able to teach their parents (and grandparents) a thing or two about it. Call me a "tree-hugger", but I am glad that my kids are growing up with recycling as a part of their lives. I hope they never know any different. The children are our future, and with recycling as a part of their everyday lives, our future should be a little cleaner.

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