Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's happening...

When you become a parent, things start happening more quickly than you ever thought they would. And definitely more quickly than you would like.  It seems like as soon as your baby becomes a toddler it's time for Kindergarten already, and suddenly you have a teenager in your house!

We've experienced a couple of major milestones at the Reddy Zoo this week.  First, the G-man started eating baby cereal! While I had tons of fun taking pictures of him eating breakfast this morning, it hardly seems possible that he's old enough for cereal already.

He's not exactly sure what to think of this mushy stuff.

And he would much rather just grab the spoon himself.

But he's getting the hang of it.

And, of course, he had a large audience cheering him on.  The other kids always make him smile.

And if that wasn't enough of a shocker for a mama, Miss M got her driver's license!!!!  Yes, I know that Miss M's news is slightly bigger than her baby brother's first bite of cereal, but unfortunately I didn't think to document the event with even a single picture.  She probably would have killed me for posting it here anyway :-)

As reluctant as I am for milestones such as these to occur, it really will be nice having another driver in the house.  Especially one so willing to run to the grocery store for that forgotten ingredient, or to drop off a sibling at soccer practice.  Now, if only a reliable third car (preferably a cute little crossover in a fun shade of red or blue) would just show up in our driveway.  Then we'd be all set.

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