Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Miss M was one of twelve students from her school honored last night for their musical interests and abilities. She and two of her cousins were chosen by their music teacher to be recognized at Powell Symphony Hall. The girls got all dressed up for an evening out, so their grandmas and I decided to take them out for a fancy dinner beforehand. I had a great time just watching them, whether they were ordering Chicken Cordon Bleu or tasting the fried spinach appetizer - and liking it. Such little ladies!! We had them pose at dinner for a pretty picture.

Powell Hall was as impressive as ever. The St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra gave a short but outstanding performance. I made sure the girls were aware that some of the members of that group were as young as twelve years old. That’s right around the corner for them (much to my dismay!) But I think they were too busy giggling at the crazy moves of the extremely animated conductor to think about that.

From where we were sitting the girls looked rather small walking across the stage to accept their awards. The certificates were very nice, and their music teacher looked with pride at her group. The grandmas and I were proud, too.

They didn’t allow pictures in the hall, so we waited until we were on our way out to make them pose yet again.
Congratulations, girls!


Proud Grandma said...

Thanks for a wonderful evening and lovely dinner.

Aunt T said...

I just wanted to say how proud I am of the three young ladies. What a wonderful honor to be chosen out of their class for their musical abilities and to see Powell Symphony hall. What an evening that must have been. Congratulations girls, you never cease to impress your aunts and uncles with your scholastic, musical or athletic abilities.

Kim said...