Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Picture Purge

My cell phone recently flashed “Low Memory” when it tried to open a video that my nephew accidentally sent me from my sister-in-law’s phone. So I decided to go through the pictures that have been stored on it since August. There were some I had forgotten about completely. Like the ones from the Botanical Gardens…

La Cabeza from the Niki Exhibit

Inside La Cabeza

The kids had fun playing in the Children's Garden

I also found some pictures from an October trip to the Zoo.

C.B. riding on an orange poison dart frog

Miss M with her little cousin on the slide in the Children’s Zoo

I had to laugh at the picture of Big D devouring his birthday dinner – the Riblet basket from Applebees.

Then there was Miss M’s DARE graduation.

She’s sitting next to her three cousins, who are all in her class this year.

I also found one picture from Banana’s Preschool Christmas party.

This was as close as she would get to Santa.

This was fun! Thanks for taking this quick stroll down memory lane with me. Maybe we'll do it again in another six months or so.

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