Monday, June 16, 2008

Day Camp

While Miss M was getting ready for Girl Scout Day Camp this morning I was feeling a little downhearted. I was really wishing I could be a part of it again this year. I was able to help out in her unit last year, and it was such a wonderful mother-daughter experience. My other kids were a part of the “Nursery Unit” at camp, but it was really just me and Miss M from 9:00 until 2:00 every day for a week. One-on-one time is hard to come by at our house lately, and camp would have been a good opportunity for just that.

Thankfully Miss M doesn’t seem discouraged by the fact that I won’t be at camp this year. She knows all of the leaders in her unit – one is her aunt and the other two are good family friends. It’s her fourth year going so she knows what to expect and how much fun it is at camp. We had everything ready to go this morning at least an hour before she was supposed to get picked up. I was excited for her, even if I was feeling bummed for myself. I watched her leave with a sigh.

Now it’s 85º outside and I’m sweating. I was only out there for a short time pushing Banana on the swing and watering the flowers, but I’m sweating. I have been trying to convince myself that 85º isn’t bad. It could easily be 95º, and it has been 95º at camp before. 85º should feel pleasant, but I’m still sweating. And, oddly enough, I don’t feel so downhearted anymore.

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