Thursday, May 01, 2008

Health Update

Mr. H had an appointment at the pediatrician’s office this morning. She is closely monitoring our little once since he gave us such a scare at the hospital. He is doing wonderfully well. He is a mere ounce away from weighing ten pounds, and has not had any reflux related episodes since leaving the hospital. He has not spit up at all and he has not set off any of the alarms on the respiration monitor. However, the doctor would like to keep him on Zantac and she’d like us to continue using the monitor until he is two months old.

I asked the doc to take a look at C.B. while we were there because he still has that darn fever. Since I gave him Motrin this morning he did not have temperature while we were in the office. His ears looked fine, blood pressure was good, they took a urine sample which was also fine, and they even did a rapid strep test which was negative. (Although I’m not sure how much I trust those since my husband’s rapid test also came back negative, but he actually did have strep!) Anyway, it appears he just has a fever, and we’re just supposed to watch for other symptoms to possibly emerge. The good news is that nobody else seems to have gotten whatever C.B.’s got…YET!

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