Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Reddy Zoo

The Reddy Zoo was established in 1995 when we got married. At that time, the Zoo consisted of the two humans (us), one cat (Lou) and one dog (Kenobi). And we were living in an apartment. Not much of a zoo...YET!

Soon after the wedding, the Zoo moved to a new location, but not before adding another resident, Dave the dog.

Once in it's larger location, the Zoo quickly began to expand. Scully came along during our first summer there.

By Christmas of 1996 our house was already quite a zoo, with three dogs and a cat.

Our next resident, however, had only two legs and considerably less hair.

Miss M changed everything. Before Miss M came along, the animals were like our kids. Once we had a real kid, however, they knew they had fallen down a notch on the totem pole. Fortunately, they all still loved her.

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