Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Reddy Zoo - Part II

Unfortunately we had to find a new home for Dave the dog when we discovered we couldn't keep him in the backyard. We nicknamed him "Houdini" because each time we'd try a new way to keep him in, he'd still get out. He was hit by a car once (thankfully unhurt) and he REALLY irritated the next door neighbor (a story we won't tell here.) Needless to say we were worried about his safety. Even though we were very sad, but we just couldn't keep him anymore.

Since we were missing our dog, and since Lou was not the friendliest cat, we decided to get a kitten. We thought that if a kitten grew up with a toddler (and survived being picked up and poked and prodded) she would probably turn out to be a very sweet cat. We went to the pound and picked out an adorable little calico kitten. We named her TK-421 after the only stormtrooper mentioned by name in the movie Star Wars. We usually just call her TK, unless she's in trouble. And by the way...she DID turn out to be a very sweet cat!

It wasn't too long before our niece's guinea pigs had babies. They were so cute, and we were told they were pretty easy pets. Being the crazy people that we are, we said, "We'll take two!" We were lucky we got two males, otherwise we could have had many more.

Rascal and Baby Squeak took up residence in Miss M's room. She was very good about feeding them and petting least at first. Cleaning their cage was, of course, the responsibility of the Zookeeper. Yeah!

As if two cats, two dogs and two guinea pigs weren't enough, the Zookeeper decided to add a frog to it's resident list. Pooch, a White's Tree Frog, made for an interesting pet. Nocturnal by nature and fond of being alone, we didn't see much of Pooch unless we threw some crickets in his cage. But he was a cute little guy and very low maintenance.

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