Monday, July 20, 2009

Slip’n and Slid’n

Yesterday we got together with the G.I.F.T. (Getting Interracial Families Together) group for an outdoor game day. We had a water balloon toss, sack races, and fun with a giant parachute.

There was also a Slip-n-Slide. It was the first time that my youngest two children had ever seen a Slip-n-Slide. I know. They’re deprived children. Ask my dad about the time he brought over a box of Twinkies. My kids had no clue what they were.

Anyway…we tried explaining the concept of running up to the edge of the slippery yellow strip and tossing yourself onto your belly for a wonderfully wet ride with an exciting splash at the end. It sounded simple enough, but for some reason the kids weren’t getting it. They were all sliding on their knees, which is a clumsier trip, and not all that likely to get you to the big splash. It wasn’t just our kids have trouble with this concept either. I heard one of the little girls say, “My mind says ‘belly’ but my body says ‘knees’”. Many of the parents were shouting out their best slip-n-sliding advice. My older boys eventually got the hang of it, but Banana was still having trouble. We finally just had to shove her all the way down.

Mr. H just crawled down it until he got to the little pool at the end.

But once he figured out how much fun it was to play on the Slip-n-Slide, it was hard to keep him off of it. I was afraid he’d get plowed over by the bigger kids.

Thankfully he became interested in the playground while the older kids finished up with a water balloon fight. It was a fun afternoon.

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