Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hair Club for Babies

A mother’s confession…

“I was embarrassed by my son’s baldness. I used to work for hours arranging the few long pieces of hair he had so it would cover the rest of his head.”

Does this sound familiar? It was the story with me for several months. I have to admit that I am guilty. Yes, my own baby, Mr. H, has been the victim of the baby comb-over.

It was getting to the point where it was obvious. I could see it in the faces of other mothers. I wasn’t fooling anyone. My baby was bald…and something had to be done about it.

I made an appointment at the Hair Club for Babies. They were so sweet and understanding there. They helped us choose the right solution for our son’s embarrassing baldness issue. It was quick and relatively painless. And, thankfully, his hair plugs seem to be coming along quite nicely.

Hope you are having a good hair day!

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