Thursday, September 18, 2008

Banana’s Big Boo-Boo

I spent a couple of hours in the Emergency Room yesterday. My little Banana had to get her head stitched up. She ran smack into the edge of the deck around my sister-in-law’s pool. It just happened to be forehead height, and she hit it hard. I didn’t know that foreheads could bleed so much!

It was a pretty deep cut, but I’m not sure I would have been so quick to go to the hospital if we hadn’t been at my sister-in-law’s. Being a nurse she could tell right away that it was going to need some stitches. It was sure nice of my daughter to split her head open at a nurse’s house. Check out her version of a Banana split. (Get it? The Banana split her head open? Ha!)

After the initial crying, Banana was just as pleasant as can be. You would never know that she had such a bad boo-boo if there hadn’t been a giant bandage on her head.

She answered all the questions she was asked at the Emergency Room and used her very best manners. She charmed her way into the hearts of the entire E.R. staff, even saying “Thank you, Doctor” when her head was successfully stitched.

Banana really seemed to enjoy her stay there, just happy to be getting all that attention. Not to mention the treats! My sister-in-law gave her a bag of cookies for the ride to the hospital, and the E.R. nurse gave her a popsicle to suck on while the anesthesia soaked into her boo-boo. Later that day she got a new toy from one grandma and an ice cream treat from the other. Her glowing account of the whole E.R. experience makes me wonder if the other kids might start getting hurt on purpose!


A Buns Life said...

zowie!! That's a deep one!! Poor kiddo....or should I really say poor mom? It sounds like she made out just fine! :)

sltbee69 said...

Yikes! That looks like it hurt really bad. Bless her heart for handling it so well. Ya know, before I finished reading your post I was thinking that with all the treats she got, I hoped she wouldn't want a repeat performance. :-)