Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Still Here

I just read that November 19 was the date of my last entry. I have to admit that I am slightly ashamed about that. I must also admit to a lack of inspiration lately. Either I am searching for something truly deep and meaningful to write about, or I am just preoccupied and weary. You decide.

I can tell you that I will be very wrapped up in rehearsals for the upcoming Christmas Concert at my church. There are so many on my calendar that I hope I have a voice left when it comes time for the actual performance. I am also trying desperately to get rid of a cold that I have had for about five days now. Surely that will have an effect on the quality of my voice as well. I am thinking hot tea with honey and lemon will be a frequent beverage selection for the next week or so.

I am scheduled for my 20-week ultrasound tomorrow. We have decided to wait and be surprised about the sex of the baby. This really seemed to bother the staff at my OB’s office when I confirmed that at my last visit. I found their response a little puzzling, because why should they care whether or not I want to know if I’m having a boy or a girl? Most of the people I have told, however, are very supportive of the whole surprise thing. There are so few surprises left in life anymore. It’s kind of fun to wait and see.

I can’t promise another entry anytime soon. Things are only going to get more harried and hectic as we get closer to the holidays. I will at least try to post an ultrasound picture or two and (hopefully soon) a birth announcement for my newest niece or nephew due December 8.


Andrea said...

For me, it was the other way around: the doctor's office was totally cool with our not finding out the sex of our expected one, and yet our families cried foul and howled their indignation. They have needled and cajoled and hounded and pleaded to be let in on a secret we just don't want to know until it's time to know. They've even tried to trick us, and my mother keeps making comments about how it would be nice to be able to buy something pink. I told her go ahead, but keep the receipts.

I finally got onto her after a particularly pressured phone call, perhaps a little too harshly, and since she's not the only one voicing her displeasure, I had to apologize. But as nicely as I could put it, I told her every time she tries to insinuate some sort of problem with our not finding out the sex, it puts more pressure on me that I just don't need right now. It's not like we can change the sex of the baby even if we did know what it's going to be, and really, is 5 more weeks THAT long to wait when they've waited nearly 9 long months already? Also, I'm carrying this child; I'm not sleeping; I'm having to pee every five seconds; I'm so swollen I look like a balloon about to float away; I'm the one who can't put on my own dang socks; I'm the one dealing with strange and painful stretching sensations; I'm going to have to endure contractions, the loss of my dignity as every nurse and doctor on the maternity floor will grope my internal organs at some point and I am the one who will endure the pain of getting the child out and the healing process afterwards, so I GET TO DECIDE!

Can you tell I'm kind of sick of people telling me about their disappointment that we don't know what we're having?

I hope your friends and family are more understanding than mine. It sounds like they are, which is very cool. Do you think they could talk to my mother-in-law next? Oy.

Little Bald Doctors

Anonymous said...

I think it's very exciting not knowing what our baby is.

Love Grandma