Monday, February 12, 2007

Just another manic Monday

Mondays have been a little hectic ever since I’ve signed the boys up for a number class at the community center. Needless to say I did not expect a quiet morning. However, it was a little crazier than I anticipated.

Over the weekend we had 2 real estate agents show our house. That’s as many showings as we’ve had since it went on the market in October! That kind of interest motivated me to get the house in order before I left for preschool pickup, taking me a little more time to get out the door. While I was busy making beds I got a call from my sister-in-law that she needed me to pick up my nephew from school this morning. No problem! There would be 40 minutes between Big D’s pickup and my nephew’s, then 35 minutes before I would need to get the boys to their class. I finished getting the house straight and started thinking about how to pull off 2 pick-ups, lunch for three boys and dropping off at the community center before noon. That’s when the phone rang again.

Miss M’s school called to let me know that she had developed some kind of itchy bumps on her arms since getting to school that morning. They asked me if I could stop by the office with some kind cream or ointment to make her more comfortable. No problem! I got coats on kids, let the dog out to go potty, and gave one last look around to make sure the house looked presentable. I hadn’t really figured out lunch yet, but I figured I wouldn’t have time to come back home between pick-ups. Lunch might even have to be in the car. I loaded 2 kids in the car and buckled 2 car seats. I started the car to see the lovely yellow “you are out of gas” light shining up at me. No problem! I would at least have enough gas to get to school.

Lucky for me, Miss M and Big D are at the same school; different buildings, but the same school. I stopped by the office with some cream for Miss M (with Banana & C.B. in tow), got back in the car and made it over to pick up Big D just as the teacher was bringing the kids out. See? No problem! Now I just had to get gas, something for the boys to eat in the car for lunch and come right back to pick up my nephew so I could get the boys to their class. It all seemed very overwhelming, but it actually worked out just fine. I even had time to spare, when I thought I would be really pushing it to get everything done.

As I later recounted the events of my day to my husband, I realized that I tend to get stressed out and anxious about things when they come up unexpectedly. Sometimes I even get anxious about things I have known about for weeks. I think that building things up in my mind like that leaves me feeling pleasantly surprised when they weren’t so bad after all. As it turned out, I had a pretty good day overall. I think my favorite part was going to Target with my nephew while the boys were at their class. That’s certainly not something I planned on, and it might have stressed me out initially, but I’m really glad to have had that time with him.

Now…have you been able to get that Bangles song out of your head yet?

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