Thursday, November 09, 2006

Who's that kid with the OREO cookie?

We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new Shop-n-Save near our house for about a year now. We go by it every time we drive to or from school so we have been watching the building progress. Well, it finally opened yesterday and we just HAD to go and check it out! There were tons of other people there with the same idea, but plenty of cashiers as well so the wait wasn't too bad. Also I only had two of the kids with me. However, Banana chose the checkout line as the perfect place for her tantrum in the cart. In case you aren't aware, you get to bag your own groceries at Shop-n-Save. It's not bad, but I need more practice. My strategy is to cram as many things as possible into each bag so I don't have so many bags to carry in when I get home. Sounds logical, right? Well, it works for me. Anyway, with Banana crying I had to throw any strategy out the window and bag like the wind so I could get out of there. As we were sprinting out, a nice Shop-n-Save employee handed C.B. a package of Oreos and told me thanks for shopping today. And since Banana was crying the nice lady gave Banana her own package of Oreos and told me to have a nice day. Free cookies! Twice even!! I never thought I would say there was anything positive about tantrums in the grocery store. Though my sister-in-law Debbie just mentioned the other day that they opened an extra checkout lane just to get her out of the store one time when her son was having a moment. It might be worth a try to pinch your kid while you're in the checkout lane and see what you get when the crying starts. Okay, maybe not.

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