Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oktoberfest 2006

Oktoberfest (ock-toe'-burr-fest) is a two-week festival held each year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany during late September and early October. It is one of the most famous events in the city and the world's largest fair, with some six million people attending every year. Other cities across the world also hold fairs, modeled after the Munich event, also called Oktoberfest. Beer plays a central role in the fair, with every festival beginning with a keg of beer tapped by the Mayor of Munich who declares "O'zapft is!" (Bavarian for "It's tapped!"). Visitors also consume large quantities of food, most of it traditional hearty fare such as sausage, hendl (chicken), käsespätzle (cheese noodles), and sauerkraut, along with such Bavarian delicacies as roast ox tails.

The first "Oktoberfest" took place on October 12, 1810. Our version of Oktoberfest took place on October 7, 2006 at Aspenhof. We followed tradition as beer played a central role in the event and large quantities of food were consumed. We started with the lighter fare like grapes and cheese and worked our way to hot items such as chicken wings and party rye pizzas. Roast ox tails were NOT served. The fall colors were in full swing at the country and the weather could not have been better. Click on the photo below to view some pictures from the event.


Anonymous said...

A reply from the Apple Orchard,
Very Cool Octoberfest description. It caught my attnetion becuase Chris makes Spetzle noodles, and she makes Ox Tail Soup (both very yummy)... You will have to ask her for the specifics, I just consume... MCSD12

Anonymous said...

A -
We actually LOVE oxtails. I make an awesome ox tail soup. I'll bring you some sometime!!! :)
Love to look at your site. Thanks.